How to create an IRC Server - By Liran Cohen!

I wasnt planning on it being this long, but if your a more advanced user you can skip alot of the reading Have fun.

First of all download the Unreal IRCD 3.2 Beta11 from: - this was taken from the original unrealIRCD

When you have finished downloading it you have to decompress it and install it. 
I reccomend creating a seperate linux/unix user that runs the unrealIRCd.

Lets pretend this user is "ircd"

your Unreal3.2-beta11.tar.gz file should be located in /home/ircd/

Now type in the commands tar xvfz Unreal3.2-beta11.tar.gz

Type cd Unreal3.2

Type ./Config

Configure your IRCD

Type make (now it should start compiling the IRCd (almost done)

Type ./makeconf

Now with your favorite text editor edit the "" file in your/home/ircd/Unreal3.2/networks directory (change the settings to what you would like... again this is all self explanitory... most of it will be )

Now save and exit

In your Unreal3.2 directory type the following command: ./unreal start


your server is up and running, or it should be if you followed the instructions correctly