• 500 MB Web Space
    10 GB Monthly Transfer
    1 MySQL Database
    Control Panel Access
    15% Half Yearly Discount
    5$ Monthly order now
  • 1 GB Web Space
    25 GB Monthly Transfer
    1 MySQL Database
    Control Panel Access
    20% Yearly Discount
    10$ Monthlyorder now
  • 2 GB Web Space
    50 GB Monthly Transfer
    1 MySQL Database
    Control Panel Access
    25% Yearly Discount
    15$ Monthlyorder now
  • 5 GB Web Space
    100 GB Monthly Transfer
    3 MySQL Database
    Control Panel Access
    25% Yearly Discount
    20$ Monthlyorder now
  • 10 GB Web Space
    250 GB Monthly Transfer
    5 MySQL Database
    Control Panel Access
    30% Yearly Discount
    25$ Monthlyorder now

3 Lies Web Hosting Companies Use To Get Business

1, Unlimited Hosting

This is the favorite and biggest lie of all hosting companies. They offer you unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited add-on domains, unlimited everything. However the truth of the matter is that when you read the fine print (some of the more dodgy hosts don’t even have a fine print) you will find that ‘unlimited’ is subjected to fair use. So if you are taking up 50 GB of space for your websites you are likely to find that your account is shut down or you are asked to move to a Virtual Private Server. If you have a very popular site that takes a lot of server resources, you are likely to have the same situation. Remember: Unlimited hosting does not actually mean unlimited.

2, Hosting for just $3.50 per month

This is another favourite for all hosting companies. On their front page they will advertise very low rates, but what they don’t mention (or it’s buried deep in the Terms) until you go through the checkout process and get ready to pay is that you are not paying $3.50 each month, you are asked to pay $126 for 3 years of hosting which works out to $3.50. It’s very sneaky and catches a lot of people out. If you want to pay on a monthly basis the actual cost can be 3x higher. Keep this in mind when you are researching which host to choose – how many years are they asking you to pay for to get their advertised price.

3, 100% uptime guarantee

There is no such thing as 100% uptime because there are so many links in the chain to make your website available. Any company that offers a 100% uptime is lying to try and get your business. If they lease their servers from the datacenter, the datacenter could be hit by a powercut, the ISP could be hit with a routing problem, the DNS servers could go down. There are just too many things outside a web hosting company’s control that could go wrong for them to guarantee 100% uptime. The one exception is if the hosting company has your site hosted in multiple locations around the world and if one location goes down traffic is automatically rerouted, but this is generally only for the massive corporate sites.


All Packages Includes

  • 1000 Sub Domains Maximum
  • Spam Filter
  • 1000 Pop3 Accounts Maximum
  • Php MyAdmin
  • Web Based Email
  • Email Farwording
  • Auto Responders
  • 1000 FTP Accounts Maximum
  • SSL
  • PHP
  • CGI
  • PERL
  • No ASP and ASP.net
  • No Setup Fees
  • Ddos Protection